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How to Calm Your Dog During a Storm

With warmer weather comes thunderstorms. And while many people sleep soundly during these weather events, even enjoying the thrum of raindrops on rooftops, our furry companions might not feel the same way. About one-third of dogs experience stress and anxiety with thunderstorms being at the top of the list of anxiety-inducing situations. Their anxiety can … Continued

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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

Humans need regular exercise to maintain optimal health. By moving our bodies, we strengthen bones and joints, manage weight and chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and improve immune system and cognitive function. Regular exercise also releases hormones that decrease stress. Surprise! Our dogs are no different. And just like humans, they come … Continued

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How to Combat Cabin Fever: 6 Ways to Entertain Your Dog Indoors

On cold or rainy days, it’s easy to lean into lethargy by curling up near the fire and binging the latest show while munching on your favorite snack. While we don’t have a problem entertaining ourselves when the weather doesn’t cooperate, pet owners struggle to say the same about our furry friends. To help combat … Continued

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What You Need to Know: The Difference Between Raw Food, Freeze-Dried Food and Kibble

These days, eating options for our canine friends are about as diverse as they are for their human counterparts. With options including raw, freeze-dried and kibble, it can be challenging as a pet owner to understand the differences between the different food products. We’ll break it down for you. Raw Dog Food How does raw … Continued

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How to Help Your Pet Lose Weight

First, you identified that your pet has a weight problem. Now, you need to find out how you can help your pet lose weight. Although intimidating, reversing your pet’s weight gain isn’t the most challenging process out there. In many cases, weight loss can be achieved by changing up your pet’s daily routine and by … Continued

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Obesity in Senior Pets

Much like people, our beloved furry friends experience physical decline as they age. Because of this, they are more likely to gain weight as they get older. Perhaps you’ve seen the pounds adding on as your pet ages despite maintaining the same feeding, walking and general health routines you’ve followed for years. It can be … Continued

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dog toys

Picking Safe Holiday Dog Toys and Treats

Here are some criteria to consider when purchasing anything that your pet may ingest, carry, gnaw, or retrieve as well as some recommendations to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated, especially important during the holiday season.

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