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dog urine

What Does My Dog’s Urine Mean?

There is a wide variation in “normal” pet urination, from amount of water consumed (and thus presumably urinated), to the color of urine and everything in between. Let’s cover a bit about what is typical and how to know if your pet’s urinary system has gone haywire.

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Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Much like a pediatrician who relies on non-verbal clues to indicate a patient’s health status, veterinarians become acutely aware of both mental and physical pain by observing a dog’s body and behavior.

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dog toys

Picking Safe Holiday Dog Toys and Treats

Here are some criteria to consider when purchasing anything that your pet may ingest, carry, gnaw, or retrieve as well as some recommendations to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated, especially important during the holiday season.

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Maintaining Pet Oral Health and Benefits of Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

Most of us know the importance of regular dental care for ourselves and our human family members. We are taught, at a young age, to brush at least twice daily, using circular strokes along the gumline to loosen debris and to floss in-between our pearly whites to clear the remnants of lunch from between the … Continued

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