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Greetings from Pet Butler!

Welcome! We’re Bob and Janet Dailey. Together with our daughters, Julianne Flathers and Jennifer Seeley, we’re the proud local owners and operators of Pet Butler in Arizona, servicing Phoenix and the surrounding cities. It’s a family affair, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We provide pet waste cleanup service to homes, apartment communities, HOA’s, business parks, and dog parks throughout the area.

Pet Butler has been providing excellent service throughout the valley since 2007. Our mission is to provide a great place to work for our employees, and awesome service for our clients.

If you’ve got pet poop, give us a call so we can show you why we’re #1 in the #2 business!

Feel free to contact us directly at 602-926-1291.

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"We love Arizona Pup and our Pet Butler. They do a great job and always with a friendly smile. Plus they focus on giving back to the community and helping animals in need. "
Suzi - Gilbert, AZ

"I was so impressed with the advertisement I first received in the mail. When I called Pet Butler I was very interested due to their professional customer service center. More than anything I do appreciate the wonderful sense of humor they have. They take this job very serious!"
Sheri D. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"This company is very friendly and very thorough in their work."
Howard L. - Gilbert

"What a great idea for a business!"
Sue V. - Mesa, Arizona

"I love this business because they are just so darn good! They are here every Wednesday morning on time and do a great job! Our dogs go crazy when they get here - it's like their best friends came for a visit! There is always a treat in their pocket! "
Cheryl's Beagles - Chandler, AZ

"What I like about Pet Butler is the professionalism in customer service and in how they scoop the yard." "
William C. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"They come in quietly and do their work."
Lois M. - Chandler

"We are very satisfied with Pet Butler!"
Leslie C. - Phoenix

"Sandy and the Pet Butler crew are awesome! They care so much about customer service and always go above and beyond!"
Tracey L. - Gilbert, Arizona

"So glad I don't have to pick up the doggy poop myself!"
Eve G. - Gilbert

"What a great service, I can't wait to start using them."
Kelly K. - Gilbert, Arizona

"They turned my yard around. The customer service was great and the techs are very knowledgeable. They clean and treat my yard every two weeks for a very reasonable price and i have recommend this company to a number of friends, family, and neighbors. "
Justin Mason - Gilbert, AZ

"This business is amazing! I love the way that they interact with my dogs and family as they are getting the job done. They staff is by far the best i have experienced. It really shows that some companies are in it for the satisfaction of customers! "
Amanda - Chandler, AZ

"They are dependable, reliable - Sandy is the best!"
Debora R. - Chandler

"Pet Butler is the best poop scoop service in the valley!"
Alma D. - Ahwatukee, Arizona

"I will totally admit that I hire someone to pick up my dog's poop. First of all, time is money, and my time is worth more than poop. Secondly, my dog has defied all known physics on Earth - he can turn 1 lb of food in to approximately 15 tons of poop. If that wasn't fun enough, he is apparently part Easter Bunny, as he thinks it's terribly fun to find new, exciting and inventive places in my yard to hide his poop. Enter Pet Butler. My poop angels. They scoop everything up, regardless of where the dog has hidden it. In the rocks, next to trees. If Dr. Suess wrote about poop instead of Green Eggs and Ham, my dog would have pooped on the book. Thankfully, he only does it outside...which is why we keep the books in the house. But I digress....Each time Pet Butler comes out, I come home to a wonderful, poop free yard. For 15 minutes. Then the dog ruins it by manging to get one poop in 18 places. But I can relax knowing Pet Butler will soon arrive like knights, not with armor, but plastic gloves, and scoopers instead of swords. For $35 bucks a month, this service is worth every penny. When I lost my credit cards they were totally cool when the billing failed, no harassment, just a nice email, and when I explained that I lost my wallet, it was, when you get the new card update us, no threats or bad attitude. They even left us a cute dog calendar for the holidays. (Do I get some kind of award for the most times the word poop is legitimately used in a Yelp review?) "
Mandy B - Chandler, AZ

"We look forward to every visit! They are very thorough and non-intrusive."
Karen H. - Chandler

"I love this business because they take care of my dogs like they were their own. They always "pick up" and never "leave anything behind"! "
Katy - Ahwatukee, AZ

"Nice people and impressive service!"
Chad P. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"I have used this service for 3 years and have never had a problem."
Sara H. - Chandler

"Pet Butler is amazing, they are friendly and kind to our dogs."
Cynthia W. - Gilbert

"Our 3 dogs always know when the Pet Butler truck has pulled up to the house! They love the treats they get! Great service!"
J. Hardaway - Chandler, Arizona

"Our dogs consider the poop guys their friends. That means a lot to us!"
Cheryl B. - Chandler

"I cannot believe such a service exists, I felt great inside when I came home!"
Jerry M. - Tempe, Arizona

"If anything is ever wrong or unusual in the yard or with my dogs, or any change in the schedule, Sandy lets me know asap. I really appreciate the communication."
Jessica St. - Gilbert

"You did a wonderful job, I’m thrilled with how the yard looks!"
Judy S. - Mesa Arizona

"Pet Butler saves me time and work."
Larry H. - Ahwatukee

"My yard is not only "pet worthy" but now the family can enjoy the beauty of the Phoenix surroundings as well! Thank you!"
Eugene M. - Phoenix, Arizona

"This is a very dependable company."
Gayle F. - Gilbert

"Pet Butler has done an excellent job picking up after our dog. I look forward to seeing them each week. I can count on them all the time."
Dave H. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"My yard looks great! And I didn't have to go outside in 100+ degree heat!"
Meredith A. - Queen Creek, Arizona

"Pet Butler was called literally in a last ditch effort to make our party a great one. With three dogs ranging in Size to a Great Dane, Mastiff and down to a Dane Mix we were in big crap! The one thing we forgot was to pick up the yard as we did every 2nd or 3rd day. But, we didn't and the party was that night on a Saturday. We changed dog food which made the crap higher. Knowing I was crap up to my heels, I called to find some help. We got it, last minute on a Saturday and on top of that, she gave me a good price and for a few more dollars I said, "Why not I will try it for a month." I thought crap, why not! What's that saying you go in smelling like crap and you come out smelling like roses. That's was me! They are so nice, courteous and they get the job done quick. Constant on the day and very friendly. Even though we told them one day we picked up the crap already and totally forgot they were coming. They credited our account and came back the next week. Must be family owned to be this friendly and care about their image. Good people, really. I haven't seen service like this. People who care about their company and their people like this franchise does. It's almost like... how your grandparents would talk about how well a company treated you back in the day. Five Stars all the way. Thanks Pet Butler in Gilbert! "
Debbie L. - Gilbert, AZ

"They are always here on the day specified and all dog waste is always removed."
Sandra C. - Gilbert

"I was so happy to find a company out there to clean up after my dog."
Anna Mae S. - Mesa, Arizona

"This company treats me like family, they are always so helpful and do a fantastic job servicing my home. My two dogs get so excited when they hear them coming. And sandy is very customer service oriented! I appriciate all the doo!! "
Jeff M. - Gilbert, AZ

"Pet Butler has done a good job for us. They have maintained the yard and even provide the dogs with treats. Pet Butler is very reliable."
Jerry K. - Fountain Hills, Arizona

"I love your service! It's so convenient, I don't have to scoop poop on my day off!"
Mallory V. - Mesa, Arizona

"I have been Pet Butlered, and I love it!"
Dori W. - Chandler, Arizona

"I think it's a grerat help, especially for someone handicapped like me. I think it is great !"
Anna Mae S. - Mesa, Arizona

"I've used other pooper scoopers and Pet Butler is the best to date."
Joan M. - Paradise Valley, Arizona

"They are very reliable and price is fair! We are very happy with Pet Butler."
Kerri C. - Gilbert

"What can I say, the backyard looks great. Thanks for the service Pet Butler!!"
Esther W. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Excellent Service. I swear he's in stealth/ninja mode, I never see or hear him - perfect yard!"
Carol H. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"I trust them to show up and take care of things and I don't have to worry about it at all."
Susan S. - Tempe

"Pet Butler gives me one less thing I have to worry about!"
JoEllen D. - Gilbert

"Thank You, the yard looks wonderful"
Lee Z. - Queen Creek, Arizona

"What a time saver!"
Bryan B. - Tempe, Arizona

"I am so excited that I can hire a professional, reliable company to take care of my yard."
Jason B. - Chandler, Arizona

"I love this company because they are always reliable. They are very customer focused. They are amazing with my animals by being kind and gentle when coming into my back yard. They leave small gifts to show their appreciation for my business. "
Susan L. - Gilbert, AZ

"At first I didn't want to doo it... but I sure am glad I got Pet Butler! "
Tom G. - Queen Creek, Arizona

"This company is always on time and does a good job. Any change or delay in schedule and I am always told."
June B. - Chandler

"It's so nice to come home from work and see that the poop has been picked up. Pet Butler takes care of the yard so I don't have to. They give me time to enjoy so many other things I'd rather do. "
Laura M. - Cave Vreek, Arizona

"Pet Butler is the pooper scooper's pooper scooper!"
Rodney P. - Phoenix, Arizona

"I love that I don't have to do the dirty work. I like to think this is one of the services that is saving my marriage!"
Jane M. - Chandler

"I love the level of customer service. I feel like the service is very personal. My emails are answered promptly and complete. A++++ service!"
Heather F. - Ahwatukee

"I like that I can count on having my service done regularly and done well and I don't have to do this chore anymore."
Monica D. - Gilbert

"My Favorite Service!"
Mary M. - Gilbert, Arizona

"I no longer have to fight with my kids about who is picking up in the yard!"
Lynn F. - Gilbert

"I think that our technician is the best and nicest pooper scooper in AZ. He gives the best costumer service around. If a piece of trash flies into my yard, I can always count on Dave to pick that up too. My yard never looked so clean. Dave always has a smile on his face, wether it is 120 degrees or cloudy and nice; or no matter if he is having a tough day or a good day. You can count on Dave and Pet Butler."
Tim V. - Chandler, Arizona

"Conveninet, safe products, courteous service, lawn looks neat & clean!"
Susan G. - Phoenix, Arizona

"This service is so convenient. With our busy lives with 2 kids, jobs, school activities it's hard to balance everything so this helps with at least one chore."
Tony S. - Gilbert