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Greetings from Pet Butler!

Pat and Sandy Kelly have been married for over 30 years and have made their home in Lexington, KY since 1991. They have raised their three children and they are happy that they all call Lexington, KY home as well. As well as two grandchildren, their kids have also brought a total of seven grand-dogs to join the family.

The Kelly's have served in all different capacities while raising their children in the Lexington community. They are active members of Family Worship Center Church.

Pat and Sandy have enjoyed serving the Lexington community they love with Pet Butler for the past 11 years! They consider themselves blessed to be able to provide services that can give a better quality of life for both pets and pet owners.


Pat and Sandy

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"I no longer have the stress of picking it up myself!"
Donica L. - Lexington, Kentucky

"Pet Butler allows my twins to have a safe place to play"
Allison A. - Lexington, Kentucky

"It's wonderful because there are tons of children in our neighborhood and now I don't have to worry about mad parents due to poop on their kids shoes :)"
Ajay K. - Lexington, Kentucky

"Because of Pet Butler, I can look out my window and see a clean backyard, no dog waste."
Holly P. - Lexington, Kentucky

"It is a great deal, we have large dogs which means large piles. Pet Butler come for little money and I see no piles."
Chris C. - Lexington, Kentucky

"One of my best friends told me about Pet Butler I am so glad she did ."
Deborah D. - Lexington, Kentucky

"My first question after Pet Butler cleaned up the dog poop was do they do windows too."
David B. - Lexington, Kentucky

"We had Pet Butler were we use to live, I was so glad to find that you started servicing Lexington, with 3 large dogs we have a lot of poop to be scooped."
Sarah G. - Lexington, Kentucky

"Wow! Lexington has really needed something like this. What a great service!"
Colleen D. - Lexington, Kentucky

"My 3 Irish Setters love Our Pet Butler and so do I . Our Pet Butler not only scoops the yard, but he also plays with the dogs. It means a lot to both of us."
Cathy P. - Lexington, Kentucky

"I don't hesitate to let my kids or my dogs have freedom in the backyard now. Pet Butler has given me peace of mind, and freedom from an unpleasant chore!"
Sara M. - Midway, Kentucky

"What a great service, after having you clean our yard, we know that Pet Butler was a great choice for our family. Thank you for a job well done."
A.J. K. - Lexington, Kentucky

"I will tell everyone how satisfied I am with Pet Butler and its services."
John I. - Lexington, Kentucky

"I am so appreciative of Pet Butler services it is a well needed service."
Julie L. - Lexington, Kentucky

"Very impressed with the company - the speed of the service and dedicated to doing the "right thing"!"
Erika W. - Lexington, Kentucky

"I am so delighted with my Pet Butler it is a pleasure to have them scooping in my yard."
Amy A. - Nicholasville, Kentucky