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Greetings from Pet Butler!

At Pet Butler we scoop poop, so you donít have to. Leave the disgusting job to us.

My name is Josh Miles, Manager of Pet Butler. I was born and raised in the Naperville Ė Plainfield area and my team is dedicated to providing you and your canine the best service possible. I know how important a dog can be to a family and if you are like me the cleanliness and safety of your backyard is important for both you and your dog!

Given the opportunity to keep your lawn clear of dog waste. Our commitment to you is to treat your dog with the same care and respect that I give my own. My wife and I are raising our children with the love and affection of our often drooling Labrador Retriever.

Face it, dog poop is already piling up in your yard this winter, and youíre dreading the spring clean-up.

Hire Pet Butler now for $12 per week and avoid the spring cleaning expense ($89 value). Let us brave the cold this winter and keep up with the mess, so you donít have to face it this spring.

Pet Butler provides weekly pet waste cleanup and even hauls it away. With our regularly scheduled cleanup, your yard, your petís feet, your boots and your home will be free from the disgusting mess. It couldnít be any easier.

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